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We Light Up Clinical Perfomance


Consultation Service

Our expert team of clinical operations consultants helps your facility deliver the highest level of care and services. We oversee and manage clinical outcomes and improve quality measures with patient care standards, all in accordance with federal and state regulations.

Electronic Health Record Management

  • Health Information Technology (HIT)

  • Medical Record and Documentation Review

  • Clinical Compliance Reviews and Monitoring

  • EHR Platform Transitions

Quality Assurance  & Performance Improvement

Every QAPI program requires an organized plan for Performance Improvement with a goal of establishing a process to systematically monitor and evaluate the quality and appropriateness of systems and processes. PDSA which stands for Plan, Do, Study, Act (formerly PDCA – Plan Do Check Act) is the most commonly applied process for Performance Improvement.

Policies & Procedures Development and Implementation

  • Synthesize and translate the highest quality of evidence into practice recommendations

  • Establish standards of care and reduce inappropriate practice variations

  • Facilitate shared decision making among physicians, patients and their families

  • Inform policy makers in their decisions about the allocation of health care resources.

Risk Management Services

  • Facility-Wide Risk Assessment

  • Loss Prevention and Exposure Reduction Planning

  • High-Risk Areas Program Development

  • Strategic and Proactive Event Management

  • Rapid Response System Integration

Support Group

You don’t need to have all of the answers.
You just need to know who to call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you train my staff?

YES! Our services includes experts in hiring, training and managing staff members.  You shouldn’t have to pay a consultant to return and train your new staff, over and over again. As your personal consultant, we will ensure your facility benefits most with in-depth staff-training on the system that is built into your practice AND that YOUR PRACTICE has the systematic, step-by-step knowledge and skill necessary to keep the system working, with or without you.

Why is the initial assessment so important?

The assessment is the foundation of the care plan and recommended services provided to our clients. It is critical in identifying family dynamics, trauma, medical concerns, environmental needs, co-occurring disorders, and much more. All assessments are conducted by skilled clinicians and help us develop individualized treatment recommendations and care plans for our clients and their families.

Why should I use your services rather than doing it on my own?

Cost is always important when analyzing services. More significantly, it is important to analyze the cost of not utilizing services. Utilizing the experience of professionals in an area as crucial as our mental or medical health is prudent. We want to help our clients and their families avoid making and learning from costly mistakes.

Clinical Consultation Overview:

B.R.I.T.E. CC  believes in being one step ahead always by deriving solutions to client problems using hard market analysis, competitive assessments, internal system analysis, and rigorous financial modeling. The team of consultants at B.R.I.T.E. CC are industry professionals having in-depth knowledge and adequate training in the said field. Our team's primary objective is being more focused on the core business, understanding your clients better, and leading to better customer satisfaction.

  • Obtaining Clients

  • Employee Clock-in

  • Insurance Options

  • Patient Intake

  • Background Check options

  • Job Boards

  • Collecting Payments from Clients

  • Rate to Charge (Patients)

  • Wages to Pay Employees

  • Data Base

  • Profits

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