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We help veterans with VA forms. Easy process!

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We understand that filling out VA forms can be a daunting task, which is why we have created this to make it easier you. As a veteran you have access to the most commonly used VA forms related to disability compensation. You can fill out the forms live, download them, and submit them directly to the VA through the BRITE CC Mobile App. This is a convenient and efficient way to access the forms you need without the hassle of printing and mailing them. We are committed to making the process as smooth as possible for you, so can focus on what matters most. Thank you for your service, and we hope this page helps you in your journey.

Buddy Statement

A VA Form Statement, also known as a "buddy statement," is vital for Veterans navigating the benefits process. These statements serve as additional evidence to bolster claims, filling in any gaps left by official records and providing firsthand accounts of events or injuries. By submitting a buddy statement, Veterans can strengthen their claims, validate incidents not fully documented, and garner support from peers, family, or friends, all of which enhance the likelihood of approval. To begin, Veterans can download VA Form 21-4138, complete it accurately, and send it to the appropriate VA Regional Office. For further guidance and resources on completing buddy statements and navigating the claims process effectively, they can visit our website at [Your Website URL].

Application for Disability Compensation

The Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits is a formal request submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by Veterans or their eligible family members seeking financial assistance due to service-related disabilities or injuries. This application is the initial step in the process of applying for disability compensation benefits, which provide monthly payments to eligible Veterans to compensate for disabilities incurred or aggravated during military service.

Veteran Unemployment

The Veteran's Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability is a formal request submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by Veterans who are seeking an increase in their disability compensation due to being unable to secure or maintain gainful employment because of service-connected disabilities. This application is specifically for Veterans who have service-connected disabilities that prevent them from working or limit their ability to work, and as a result, they are seeking a higher level of compensation.

Decision Review Request

The Veterans Affairs Decision Review Request: Higher-Level Review application is a formal process through which Veterans can request a review of a decision made by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) regarding their disability compensation claim. This option is available to Veterans who disagree with the decision made on their initial claim, and it offers them the opportunity to have a more senior VA reviewer re-evaluate their case.

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